80mm f/15 refractor OTA package with a genuinely made-in-Japan top-quality objective lens. The orthodox Fraunhofer doublet long-focus objective lens is manufactured using high-level polishing technology, yielding extremely sharp images with minimal chromatic aberration. The main parts such as the thick solid metal lens cell, the beautiful glossy white finish main tube & dewcap are also made in Japan. GSO 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser ensures very smooth and fine focusing touch. The 145mm max. long backfucus allows the use of most 2" accessories to reach the infinity focus. A pair of lightweight metal tube rings and 335mm long Vixen-compatible dovetail plate come standard.
The air-spaced Fraunhofer doublet 80mm f/15 achromat objective lens is made by Kubota Optical (Hanamaki-City, Iwate, Japan.). All four surfaces are HTM fully multi-coated, achieving extremely high transmission rate as 99.8% total. Thanks to the stable long-focus achromat design, both chromatic and spherical aberrations are very well corrected. Furthermore, Kubota Optical's careful and precise polishing technology has resulted in extremely precise and smooth optical surfaces, which provide peerlessly high image quality. Even at excessive magnifications as exceeding 200-250x, there's little perceptible image deterioration, and, with the high transmittance, it's not only sharp and clear but yields very beautiful images with rich tones, especially on planetary surfaces. It's really a premium objective lens that boasts ultimate performance and truly embodies the "Made-in-Japan pride", and the main reason why Kasai decided to develop this scope was just because we are really fascinated by the high potential of this lens.
GSO 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser is adopted. Equipped as standard with a microfocus mechanism with a reduction ratio of 1:10, it provides an extremely smooth and delicate focusing touch with no backlash, ensuring that critical focus positions are not missed at high magnifications. Metric/inch scales on the upper surface of the drawtube. Two fastening screws with a brass compression ring for 2h eyepiece adapter. A 2"-1.25" Adapter (w/M48 filter threads) comes standard. The 145mm max. long backfucus and 80mm long focus travel allow the use of most 2" accessories to reach the infinity focus easily. A Vixen/GSO/Synta compatible finder bracket base (finder shoe) comes standard.
<Tube / Dewcap / Lens Cell>
The main tube and the dewcap are made of lightweight & robust aluminum alloy with beautiful glossy white finish. All inside the tube are thoroughly anti-reflection mat painted and well-designed baffles placed to eliminate the stray lights efficiently, contributing to improve image contrast. The objective lens cell is made of thick solid aluminum alloy, holding the delicate lens securely. On the side of the tube, along with the optical specification, a silver emblem is affixed to ensure that the scope is made in Japan.
<Tube Rings & Plate>
A pair of lightweight metal tube holders and a 335mm long Vixen-compatible dovetailed plate come standard. The long-enough plate helps prevent slight vibrations of the long tube when loaded on a mount. In addition, in the center of the dovetailed plate are 2 holes (8.2mm dia. / 35mm distance) compatible for most Takahashi mounts to be fixed with two M8 bolts directly.
Precisely machined tube and durable lens cell structures ensure to keep the optical axis so firmly. Furthermore, as we collimate each unit perfectly one by one before shipment, there will never be need for the re-collimation by the users. As long as in the normal use, it can be used completely maintenance-free.
Clear Aperture 80mm
Focal Length 1200mm
Focal Ratio F15
Lens Coating All 4 surfaces HTM Fully Multi-Coated / >99.8% total transmission rate
Tube Diameter 83mm
Tube Length 1180mm
Weight 2.4kg (3kg incl. Tube Rings & Plate)
Focuser 2" Dual-Speed Micro Crayford Focuser / 80mm Focus Travel
Maximum Backfocus 145mm (from the 2" end face)
Standard Accessories Finder Bracket Base (Finder Shoe)
2"/1.25" Eyepiece Adapter (w/M48 Filter Threads)
Tube Rings & Vixen-Compatible 335mm Dovetail Plate
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