Super-Strong SCT/2" Adapter
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"A huge 2" widefield eyepiece with a 2" diagonal mirror", "Two heavy 1.25" widefield eyepieces with a binoviewer and a diagonal mirror"...etc. In such cases as attaching rather heavy accessories to SCT with a 2" sleeve adapter, anytime you have to take care for those accessories not to be rotated or slipped down suddenly. Also, especially in case of public observations where a lot of people see through your scope, anytime there is a certain risk some inexperienced visitors loose the eyepiece stopper screw by accident and ...

Kasai SAFETY-LOCK is a special SCT/2" adapter to solve those problems all at once, as with the advanced features as "very strong fastening power" and "little risk to be loosened by accident", yet "easy to change the eyepieces quickly". Two metal cylinders (30mm length x 3mm dia.) are mounted on the inside wall of the 2" sleeve, and, an only 30-degree light twist of the top ring makes those cylinders to come out and press the 2" barrel rigidly. The fixing power is strong enough to load more than 10kg with ease, without slipping nor rotating at all. A durable stainless steel thumbscrew comes as a standard accessory, working as a finger lever for rotating the top ring. It can put on any of 3 positions (120-degree intervals) of the top ring to be located at the most convenient angle for the user. This screw also works as a stopper of the top ring's rotation. Just turn the screw crockwise after fixing the top ring, then the adapter is "double-locked" with no risks of loosening by accident. Precision CNC-machined thick aluminum-alloy housing with beautiful glossy black anodizing finish. Ideal for every SCT or Mak-Cass user longing for a super strong 2" adapter with a full sense of security.

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